Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Zoo - Part 1

I took my camera for two reasons, one being to document our trip
and the fun we had with Daniela and the other
to take some animal photos.

Monkeys are very popular with the younger crowd.
I just happen to think they're pretty cute myself.

Mama & baby zebra.  I'm not sure I have thte right Mama there
were several standing nearby.  I never realized that they
started out brown striped as this one is still partially brown.

This American Bear came up nice and close while I
waited patiently for a good shot.

A peacock.  I could have taken a picture of others with their
tail feathers upright and open, but this guy was really close.

The zoo keepers were cleaning the penguins cage, so we didnn't
get to visit with them.  And the elephants were under construction.

Part II will follow, when I get a chance for more computer time.

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