Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ice Pop Joy

 Ice Pop Joy is a Recipe Book of Popsicles, by Anni Daulter

I heard about the book here on Ginny's blog
and decided to invest in my own book and two sets of molds.
One for me - I choose the same ones Ginny posts pictures of on her blog
and I didn't even realize it until after I had ordered them.
And one set for Daniela - I chose
annabel karmel Make it Easy Fill & Freeze Puree Pops

So far we've just tested them out to learn how full
to till them and how best to get them out of the molds without
breaking the pops.
I made milk pops...yes, just Vitamin D whole milk.
It was a suggestion I found on line, by someone else who bought the same molds.
And I used peach baby food - diluted with a bit of water
and froze them.  The peaches were a bit tart, so
the second set we mixed with sweet potatoes.
They were a hit as well.

On the box of molds there was a web site address
for recipes to make in the pop molds.

Daniela licking her lips

The molds make a small treat, which is just right for little tummies.
And they are easy to hold and drip free.

Daniela loves the new ice pops and I think I'm ready to
try some of the recipes in my new book.
Should we try fruit pops?
Veggie pops? Yogurt pops?
Tofu pops? Herbal Tea pops?
I can also use some cool juice mixtures that I make
with my new juicer.
This should be fun and very healthy for us.
Keeping it cool, with Ice Pop Joy.

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