Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gettin' Juiced

Gettin' Juiced!
That bad....


That Good.

I bought myself a juicer.

Did I ever tell you how much I like my insurance company?
(What on earth does that have to do with anything?)

Wait a second...I'm trying to tell a story.

My insurance company gives a $50 gift reward for all
it's diabetic patients who complete all their tests and screenings for the year.
Last year I completed all mine, filed the paper work and waited...
and in the mail came my reward.
I was able to choose from various companies that
sell sports equipment, exercise items, and so on
and so forth.
So I bought this $140 juicer that was on sale for $99.00.
Subtract my $50.00 gift certificate 10% off electronics coupon.


I paid $45.39 out of my pocket for this super-duper juicer.
Now I'm gettin juiced!

Broccoli Booster

Yum! This one I will definitely repeat.
Broccoli is a super food ~ it's packed with calcium,
antiviral and antibacterial nutrients.
Great health benefits.
The recipe calls for:  eating apples -
 (I assume they meant a basic red apple, but I had Granny Smiths)
broccoli and 1 Tbsp of lemon juice.
The photo doesn't do it justice, it was much greener.

The other one I've tried only has these two ingredients,
carrots & clementines.

I failed to get a photo of this one, which they labeled Bright Eyes,
but I think it should have the word sunshine in it's name.
The directions said that you could put the clementines
through with their skins on for some extra tang.
I will repeat this drink as well, only next time I
think maybe I'll try half the clementines without the skins
and 1/2 with their skin on, it was
a bit to zesty for my taste buds.
We all know the benefits of Vitamin C on your immune system and
Vitamin A is essential for healthy vision.
It was very, very refreshing.

My recipe book has 160 recipes for smoothies & fruit juices
but right now I'm trying to stick to mostly veggie creations.

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