Monday, July 11, 2011

The Butcher, Baker & Candlestick Maker

How do you take a picture of three little ones when ....
they won't sit still?
they don't want to sit next to each other?
they are too busy to cooperate with the camera lady?
their agenda is not the same as yours?

Put them in something, is the answer most of the time.
I tried getting the little ones to sit in the bumbo and the
booster seat, but it was to contrived and
they weren't about to fall for it.
I did get a shot of the littles in the wagon with
big sister standing behind it, but this idea
was even better.

Meet the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker.

All you need is a sunny day for water play,
three adorable kids,
and some water.
Oh! And three tubs of some sort...
the more colorful the better.
My great black back drop is the new cover
for the barbecue grill.

I managed to stay cool, calm and collected during
the making of these pictures.
Even when the garden hose burst and sprayed
fountains of water into
the screened in porch. Sorry Meghan!

And yes, Meghan I let them drink the water.
I'm the grandma, I can do that.

Yes, Sydney you can drink the water.
No, this isn't a trick.
"Really?" says, Sydney.

Learn to shoot fast, even tubs can't contain them long.


Theresa said...

super super super cuuuuute!!!

Meghan said...

Love it. I will need to order a few of those for sure.