Tuesday, July 19, 2011

She Loves Frogs

We went to the Detroit Zoo this past week and I  took these
adorable pictures of Daniela on a Frog Statue in the kiddie play area.

I've shared them on Face Book already, but I know there are
quite a few people that do not use facebook, so wanted to
share them here too.

Daniela loves Frogs!
So when we left we took a peak in gift shop.
Not that she needs anything mind you,
but they had some FROGS I couldn't
resist buying her.
And boy does she love those frogs.
We've been playing with them everyday since.

I will tell you something else this girl loves is Popcorn.
After eating pizza & grapes for lunch at the Zoo, I poured
some popcorn on my plate.  I had bought it at
the cafe for an afternoon snack, but decided to eat some while
Daniela finished her grapes.
Daniela immediately moves the plate with the popcorn in front of her.
I chuckled, and reached over to get a few pieces from the plate in front of her.
She very nicely edged my fingers off the plate before I could get any popcorn.
I made a second attempt to get some of the buttery puffed up kernels.
That was stopped short as well.
Gus laughed, he thought that was pretty funny.
But then he must have known I really wanted some, because he offered
his plate for me to put some popcorn on.
When I had a couple dozen pieces of popcorn mounded up on the plate,
Miss Daniela reached over hers and took some off my new plate.
This was serious business now.
I pointed at her plate and told her.
"This is Daniela's plate and this is Daniela's popcorn".
Then I pointed at my plate and told her.
"This is Gramie's plate and this is Gramie's popcorn".
Daniela promptly removed the popcorn from her mouth that
she had stolen and plopped it on my plate.
I was speechless....Gus had a good laugh.

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