Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'll Never be Accused ...

Of not taking pictures up close enough!

I know people who take pictures and you can barely tell who's in the photo.
Not me.

I've always liked them close, but since I've started having
more of an interest in photography and
reading more books on the topic.
I've learned a thing or two about taking pictures up close.

And chopping off parts of the person.
Hey, you can break the rule on that one too.

You'd never see how beautiful these eyes are if
you took a full body shot.

Some of my favorite pictures are those that are taken up
very close.
It almost makes me feel like I'm right there.

Great examples.

I'll love close shot of my grandkids.
They are only little once.

And Boy oh Boy, do they ever grow up fast.
This little man is almost two years old.
He's now a blondie, can you believe it.
I hope to have new pics of Meghan's kids to show you



Sherry said...

You take great pictures!

Amanda said...

mom- he looks like henry in these pictures!

Theresa said...

I like the idea of them making you feel you are right there with them! *hugs*