Saturday, July 16, 2011


I know next to nothing about Cicadas.
I had to look them up to make sure I was spelling it correctly
and identifying it right.
There are over 15,000 species, so I didn't keep looking until
I found one that looked just like this, but found
some very similar.
Apparently according to the distribution map we should have them
here in Michigan, but I don't think I've ever seen one.
When they call in unison they make a very loud humming noise.

It was kind of hard to see with it being green
and her holding it in front of her green beach robe.
Sydney loves bugs and all types of animals.
She's not afraid to pick them up or hold them at all.

I remember another little girl like that, my niece Taryn.
Taryn would catch bugs and caterpillars and let them
climb all over her.

I asked Sydney to hold it sideways against the white background,
so I could get a better shot.
As you can see it was quite large.

She's being a very good big sister and showing it to Griffin.
He would probably have held it too, but we were
on our way to the pool, so we had to let it go and
get moving.  It was HOT!

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