Tuesday, July 5, 2011

At Rosie's House

While Rosie's Grandma was on vacation,
we were excited to get a chance to help
take care of her while her Mama worked.
Eating pretzels with Rosie in this first picture.

We had two fun days at Rosie's house.
One day we spent out doors for the most part
and enjoyed her swing set, chasing each other
and the dogs and sliding down her slide on the deck.
The second day we spent mainly indoors, due to rain
and a few too many bug bites,
but had just a great time anyway.

Here's Rosie with her Mom's birthday balloon.
Daniela played with Natalie's other birthday balloon.

A beauty in black & white.
She has a huge head of curls.

The girls walking their balloons around the house.
They enjoyed hunting for Easter eggs with a teddy graham in them.
It's a fun game to play with tiny tots,
who says you can only hunt for eggs around Easter?

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Theresa said...

love how you think outside the box!! so fun!