Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New Best Read for Dog Lovers

Why did I choose this book?
I knew that it would be good, because I know the woman who wrote it.
I've been through several of her training sessions at the library
and have taken lessons from her (and a friend) with my Wheaton Terrier, Danan.

Beth with Charlie (Darwin) on the left and Reggie on the right.

Beth Duman, knows dogs and has taken on some of the hardest
cases ever, problem dogs no one else would tackle.

I've used many of her games to help train my dog and 
have seen her use her methods at dog classes to
get the results the owners wanted.

Amazing book, amazing lady and some very lucky dogs.
This book takes you from the day she finds the dog "Woody"
listed that needs a home and through all the introductions
with her other dogs, the days and weeks of training ahead
to fix off of his issues. 

He evolves into a whole new dog "Charlie".
I recently met Charlie at the Nature Center
and hearing his story made me want to read his book.

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