Friday, July 29, 2011

Made my Goal

Last week at Weight Watcher's I made my 10% goal.
Yipee!  I've lost a total of 17.5 pounds.

My reward at Weight Watchers - A key chain.

Other significant rewards:
  • People are starting to notice the weight loss
  • I'm beginning to notice an increase in energy level
  • I've learned my choices do make a difference.
  • I can stop eating before I'm full
What I still need to work on:
  • Getting more exercise (the heat, and a busy schedule).
  • Plan menus for a week at a time
  • Continue to try new recipes that fit the WW ideal.
  • Drink more water
  • Track what I eat - it makes me more accountable.
  • Quit making excuses for above items.
I'm not stopping at the 10 %, but going for 20%.
It will not but easy, but it will be so worth it.

What's helped you with weight loss?
I need all the helpful advice I can get.


Theresa said...

thanks for the WW success's a good plug for the program. I have been off the wagon for several weeks - quite more honestly - and have been lacking the gumption to get back to the good habits. I am inspired to go back now...thanks Doris!!

Theresa said...

and ps....congrats on your accomplishment!!!!!

Meghan said...

so proud of you, keep it up.