Sunday, July 10, 2011

On Ashley's Birthday

we could not celebrate with her, because she's in Spain. 
But we did celebrate for her!
Meghan suggested we try this new frozen yogurt place in Asheboro.

It opened recently and everyone was raving about it. 
The place was called di' lishi.
There were five different ice cream stations and
 you could choose either flavor or a twist of the two.

Then there were toppings..
fruit toppings of every color of the rainbow.
candy toppings
all your favorite cereal toppings
and crushed candy bars,
nuts, you name it they had it.

They had stuff I'd never heard of before.
What's Moshi?

And of course there was hot fudge, caramel
and all the fun sauces.

And don't forget the sprinkles, they are very
popular with the kids.

Griffin shared with Mommy.

Sydney had her dream dish of everything chocolate,
including fudge brownie chunks in there.

She managed to stay pretty clean.

I created a 4th of July treat for Daniela, it was
red, white and blue, but by the time I took the
picture, she'd eaten most of the blueberries.

Me, well even omitting everything chocolate there were
many, many options left for me. I made myself
an old favorite combo, pineapple, coconut and cashews over
a twist of two different (one tart) vanilla flavors.

You pay at the end...don't we all!
Everyones dish goes on a scale and they charge by weight.
It was cheaper than Stone Cold Creamy, and you
could have as many or as few toppings as you wish.

It was a hit with everyone.
And the only thing that would have it better
was if the birthday girl could have been there with us.

"Happy Birthday Ashley!"


Meghan said...

true confessions, I have been back twice since that visit.
The lady told me Moshi is Asian and is made of rice? She sad it is yummy and takes on flavors you combine it with. I will have to try it next time

Dorsey said...

You Stinker! I knew you really wanted to go back, when you asked several times, if I had mentioned going back to Sydney!!
I couldn't remember what you or Papa had. I was too busy trying to figure out what Daniela & I was getting.