Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Water Play Part II

Follow up to Rub a Dub

Clad only in swimmies & 50+ Sunscreen,
these two would have happily played all day long in the back yard.

From the knees down and the elbows down their skin is almost
the same shade of tannedness ( I'm sure there is such a word).

While Griffin is a rough and tumble boy,
his cousin Daniela is a little bit more hesitant to try
new things and get to far out of sight.

Daniela is the taller of the two, though she is 6 weeks younger.
Fresh clean water, "looks fine, Mom" says Griffin.

Caught in the act........
Sissy looks a bit under-hydrated maybe pouring some
on her head will help.

The kids had a blast, no matter if they were in the water or out.

He put them on, all by himself.

Little boy and their toys.

Looking for pictures in the clouds.

Looking for trouble. 
Mr. Tripod, they called him when he was younger,
I wonder why?

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Meghan said...

great pics, you captured some of the personality!