Sunday, July 31, 2011

$40 & 4 Hours Later

Is there anything more frustrating than computer problems?

I tried to fix it myself by diagnosing my connection problem and
following the trouble shooting advice.


So I called support a few days ago. 
After a significant amount of time, I found out
a cable was unplugged.

That's easy just plug it back in, right?

It was broken, so we had to locate a replacement
and call back another day.

So today I made another call to AT & T for tech support.
Two hours later and they say they've done everything they
can for me and now I have to call Linksys.

I didn't even take a potty break or eat,
 because I just want it fixed.
Ashley needs the wireless so she can use her laptop
for college we also need it to stream Netflix wireless.
You don't know how important it is to to have
access to Strawberry Shortcake episodes unless
you have a toddler at your house.

No warranty, so we have to pay for the service.
Pay to be put thru H-E-L-L...I spelled that just so you know,
for another t-w-o hours.
Rohit, in New Delhi was one of the nicest techs I've
ever had, but anyone speaking a foreign language can
be hard to understand.
Couple that  with all the techy computer language
and plugging in changing and unplugging all kinds of cords. Ugh!
I had Gus assist me with the connections and then
had to have Ashley assist on her lap top as well,
and Rohit was connecting remotely and taking over our computers.
It was a three ring-circus here, with everyone frustrated
with one another and the situation.
It wasn't pretty by any means.......

But four hours and $40.00 later, we have our
wireless back.
Ashley is sharing pics of Spain and
Daniela is watching Dora on Net Flix.

Me, I'm having a diet coke and getting far away
from the computer for the rest of the day.

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