Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WBW #20 -- Who's Who?

Ashley or Audra?
Audra or Ashley?

Amanda or Meghan?
Meghan or Amanda?

Okay, so I spent oodles of time trying to reduce the size of the last picture, but NO, it wasn't going to happen. Not today. Not now. Maybe, not ever, so I gave up.

I'm sure my girls can guess who is who, but what about the rest of you?  Please comment - Meghan is the only one that ever does (besides Amanda once & Troy & Michelle a coupole times) and it would make me feel better about all the time I spent trying to post this WBW baby girl photo feast.


Theresa said...

Off the bat I have to admit I know amanda's from just being around her for so long and so much. So the middle one is meghan. The other two, if I get there names right: on the left is Audra (the daughter in New Mexico) and the right is Ashley (the daughter back home). how did I do??

Hauch Family said...

Ok I would say in order Audra, Ashley, Megan, Amanda! Am I right?

Dorsey said...

You're both right. I'll have to get tougher.

Hauch Family said...

I was coming to put in my vote, but the voting is closed. I was going to agree with what Michelle said! Looks like I would of been right!

Amanda said...

looks like I would have been WRONG! I thought it was ash then aud. geesh - maybe I have been away from home for too long - addling the brain!