Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Last night I took care of Rowyn while Rick & Audra went out to dinner.
I told them to take advantage of having a babysitter while I was visiting.
I thawed out some breastmilk and made a bottle just incase, but
the little stinker slept the whole time they were gone.

So we had Daddy feed her when they came home.  He was looking forward to that anyway.
Ignore the Coors Light shirt Audra has on, there's only so many shirts she has that will fit her
new Dolly Parton breasts and she put that shirt on to sleep in.

My son-in-law has already changed diapers, dressed her, burped her and feed her.  I guess all that remains it to give her a bath, but I'm not sure he's up for that yet.

Cody can't get enough of Rick since he's been home.  He follows him around and lays by him.  Rick dressed Rowyn in this cute little outfit.  He told me "I'm not picking anything long-sleeved next time".  That is to funny.  He's a fast learner.

If Rick's missing he's probably holding Rowyn or just standing there watching her sleep.
Audra's having no trouble sharing with him, like she did me.  I practically had to shame
her into giving me a turn to hold her.

Who besides me thinks she looks like her Daddy?

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Meghan said...

there is nothing sweeter than a grown man holding a newborn baby.