Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm gonna miss her!

For the last three months, this little pumpkin has been at my house when I wake up in the morning.
We've been playing, singing, reading, rocking and cuddling.

Oh! how I'm going to miss her.

Alias "Gerber Baby", my little "Mexican Jumping Bean", "Pasquallie" and more....
I'm gonna miss nibbling on her ears and whispering "Olive Juice" into them.

Oh! How I'm gonna Miss her!!!!


Troy said...

Where is she going?

Dorsey said...

She's going no where. I'm leaving for New Mexico in the morning. Audra's baby is past due and looks like I will make it in time for her birth. This will be a first for me.

Hauch Family said...

Troy is silly! How fun to make it for a birth! I am sure this will be extra nice for Audra with Rick so far away! Have a safe trip and enjoy the newborn Rowyn!