Sunday, September 19, 2010


This is Rowyn Gracie Jane Robert's room.
We finished getting it ready.  Her hospital bag sits ready to grab if labor begins.
We are waiting, trying to be patient, but Audra is getting more uncomforable as the days go by.
I'm watching my two weeks tick by and waiting is hard for me too, I wanted two weeks with my new granddaughter, but now it looks like I'll have just a week to get to know her.  Bummer!

Her crib sits ready, with her bouncy seat sitting near by.
We are waiting for her to arrive, but she is in no hurry..... apparently.

We are wondering what her favorite lovey will be.  Francis Bear or Ferdie the Cabbage Patch baby, which were Audra's.  Or maybe she'll adore Puddle Duck, which was Rick's.  Perhaps she'll choose something that was purchased just for her like the spotted cow, the giraffe or bumblebee bear.

Audra's appt. with the doctor is tomorrow.  We are hoping and praying labor begins soon and Rowyn arrives safe and sound. 

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