Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going Home

Gramie LaLa & Rowyn
I asked Audra what she planned to have Rowyn call me when she's older and she said Gramie LaLa like her cousins.  The grandma on the other side of the family has chosen Grandma Lynn because her last name is insanely long and hard to pronounce.

Rowyn wore this outfit to come home in although the pants were a little to long.  Red is not my favorite color, but, I must admit she looked very cute in it.  Rowyn lost 6 oz. and is looking jaundiced, so they did blood work on her and the bilirubin wasn't high enough to prevent us from going home.  Yeah!!!!

It is an hour long ride from the hospital in El Paso, to the White Sands Missile Range base in New Mexico, but she was very good the whole way home.  I put the dogs outside before Audra brought the baby in and we kept her in the nursery unless the dogs were outside.  Later in the evening when they settled down I came out in the living room with her and watched a movie, while Audra took a nap.

Rick is on his way home to meet his daughter and have two weeks of R&R. We aren't sure exactly when he will arrive, but we will keep you posted.  I had not expected to see him this trip, because I'm leaving the 28th and he was suppose to come home the 30th, but looks like he'll be arriving sooner than we thought. 

Home.  Although the hospital was very nice, and the staff way beyond kind, home is where you want to be.  And home is where they are.

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Denise said...

I'm glad to hear everyone is well and healthy! Thanks for sharing;)