Saturday, September 18, 2010

These Babies

These guys & girls won't be her babies much longer. The day before yesterday we gave them all baths in preparation for the homecoming of the new little one.  Cody and Ruby Boy were the easiest, although none of the liked it much.  Audra and I were exhausted and ready for a rest after fluffing and buffing the pets.

Rick's dog, Cody

Audra's dog, Dakota

This is Elton
Ruby Boy looking outside.

It's not a very good picture of Cody, he really is a handsome boy.

I've been working on some dog training with them.  We are focusing on LOOK, SIT, DOWN and I'm fisting treats and asking for them to wait without nudging, licking or pawing my hand before saying Yes and giving it to them.  They need to learn that pawing & licking is not the way to get what they want.  Cody is very smart and has catches on to things easily.  Dakota is younger and not a pleaser type breed, so I think it's going to take her a little bit longer to learn these commands.  Next we are going to learn the command - LEAVE IT!  That will come in handy when Audra drops something of the babies and needs time to retreive it before they swoop it up and take off with it.

Today we are staying close to home, giving the pets some extra attention, cleaning house, perhaps making a few more casseroles and such to put in the freezer.

Soon they will be replaced.  Soon......

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