Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Trip to Spicer's Apple Orchard

This past weekend we took this little cutie-pie to the same place we used to take her Mama and her Aunties when they were little.  We thought maybe it was a bit early, since we usually go in October and it was barely September, but not so.  The main parking was jammed full, people were parked up and down the side of the main road leading to the orchard and we were directed to overflow parking, which was three quarters full also.  It was a happening place, full of families with tons of kiddos in tow.

Our visit began with a tour of all the animal pens.  The ducks were sleeping.  No quack - quack, except from the Gramie.  And yes, I did gobble - gobble at the turkeys too.

The goats, both the regular size and pygmie were really cute and FAT!  This one was our favorite. 

There were slides and a zip line, a train to sit in, a sandbox to play in and John deer trikes to ride around a track.
There was a huge hill of dirt,which had grown over with a bit of grass, so the kids could climb to their hearts content and another building filled with corn kernels to play in like a sand box only corn to dig, sift, pour and pile.  Oops!  I mustn't forget the barn with the hay bale maze it it, because it's always a favorite for the kids when they visit the orchard.

Daniela on her first trip to Spicers Apple Orchard.  May there be many more.

Last of all we went on a hayride and picked a peck of apples, so we can make apple pizza.
Yum! Yum!  I know you are all jealous and will be wanting some of your own, sorry I don't have time for any mail orders, I'm leaving for New Mexico soon.

Never fear we did go in Spicer's store and buy some cider and some carmel apples to enjoy once we returned home.  It was a great day!

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Meghan said...

I love Spicer's. I wish we could have gone.