Saturday, September 25, 2010

Daddy's Home

Today Rowyn will meet her Father for the first time.
Audra & Rowyn dressed up pretty in pink for Daddy.

This is the El Paso International Airport. 
It's pretty small compared to Detroit Metro.

Audra & Rowyn waiting at the Gate for Daddy to arrive.
Miss Rowyn is six  five days old today.
Oops!  I can count, really I can.

Rick's ride home was long, it took two helicopters and a plane in Afghanistan, then a plane ride to Ireland.  From Ireland he went to Dallas TX where it was raining and 10 minutes into his flight to El Paso the wing he was sitting on was hit by lightening.  He said it was a pretty scary experience.  It was a huge flash and it smelled like burning batteries.  It made him a little nervous to finish the 1 1/2 hour flight to El Paso.  It was ironic that it happened when he was back in the US and only had to be in the air 1  1/2 hours before he was home.

There he is.  About 30 pounds lighter, but handsome as ever.

Holding Rowyn for the first time. 
Yes, he was a little nervous.  I think Rowyn was to she decided to initiate him into Daddyhood and pooped her diaper right then and there.

Rick & Audra admiring their little creation and God's gift to them.

The new Roberts family - baby make three and a family.

Leaving the airport.  I'd say they are both pretty darn happy to all be together.
Thank you God, for this time you've given them to be together.

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Meghan said...

Thank God for a safe landing! It is great to see them all together. We are so glad your home Rick, even if it is only for 2 weeks.