Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 3 in New Mexico

No baby news.....still waiting for the little one to decide to make her entrance into the world.

Yesterday they had a mock "shooter on base" drill, so we couldn't leave the house from 9-3:00 pm.  We made good use of our time though.  I wanted to make some do-ahead recipes and stock Audra's freezer while I was here, so it was the perfect opportunity to begin that process.

What did I make?  Glad you asked.  Meatloaf (2), sloppy joes (2), mostaciolli, tuna cassarole, blueberry and banana muffins and sauerkraut and polish sausage, which we ate for dinner.

I also did some yard work and picked up doggy poop, it's hard to bend over when your 9 months pregnant.  I sorted baby clothes to be washed (bigger sizes).   Later after the sun began to set we took the dogs for a two mile walk.  They are big strong dogs (black Lab and a Husky), I really don't know how Audra walks them both at the same time.  She was concerned that they'd pull me over and I'd get hurt, so we each walked one.  I was touched until she said, if you get hurt you're no good to me.  I got a big laugh out of that comment and the fact that she can text and walk the dogs at the same time.  I asked her if that was legal.

The bats here are twice the size of the ones at home and there were plenty of them flying around. Audra said the last time she and a friend walked late at night they saw two baby rattlesnakes, a tranchilla and bunch of bats.   I don't care to see a huge spider, but wouldn't mind seeing a rattlesnake at a safe distance.

I would also like to catch a glimpse of one of these while I'm here.  It is an African antelope, called an Oryx that lives here in the desert.

I haven't had my camera out yet, so today I will concentrate on taking pictures.  The mountains are beautiful.  Yesterday a storm came up and we sat outside and watched the dark clouds over the mountains and listened to the thunder rumbling in the distance.  About 5 drops of rain fell and that was the extent of the big storm.

I can't wait to start sharing Audra's birth experience......soon people....soon.

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Meghan said...

sounds like lots of fun and work. Today must be the day because it was my vote for Rowyn's birthday.