Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rowyn Gracie Jane Roberts 9/20/10

Yes, she is here.  Baby Rowyn arrived seven hours after starting induction on Monday morning.  Audra surpassed my expectations for how I thought she'd do in labor.  She had back labor, which I've heard is the most painful, and she didn't want an Epidural and she stuck to it even though things got pretty darn miserable.  Audra walked up and down the halls and took a hot shower which both helped, but they recently moved floor and could not find their labor/birthing ball.  Bummer!

Let me answer a few of your questions.  Yes, I was in the room the whole time.  Audra said I had to stay up by her shoulders when the doctor was down there delivering, but when it came time to deliver, she could care less.  I gave her a hand to squeeze and held her leg some while she pushed.   Her midwife was totally awesome, she and Audra hit it off and they were a good team.  Thanks Kim!  She told her she was going to push her and make her labor effectively and that she did.  It only took Audra pushing during 3 or 4 contractions to push Rowyn out.  She did awesome.  Unfortunately, because of some IV pain meds they gave her they wisked the baby away immediately....fearing she'd be sedated and have trouble breathing.  That wasn't the case, she coughed a few times, cried a little bit and pinked right up.  Audra on the other hand had more bleeding than usual and it caused a few minutes of intense working on her to get it under control.  Despite all the action, blood, and seeing the midwife manually checking for more placenta which maybe hadn't come out; I managed to stay completely calm and even cut the babies umbilical cord.  It was totally awesome to be able to attend the birth.
Immediately after birth

Rowyn was born at 4:05 pm on 9/20/10.
7 lbs 9 oz, 19 inches long 

After her first bath

After first I thought she looked like a combination of the two of them, Audra & Rick, but now I'm must agree that was wishful thinking. If she's a combo, it's definitely more Rick than Audra.

Sometime it looks like she as the Gerber baby lips, sometimes it doesn't.  She was the quietest baby on the ward.  There was another Roberts delivering at the the same time.  Her first name also began with A.  I told Audra I bet her name is Amanda or Ashley, and sure enough when I called down to order Audra's dinner, they asked if it was for Ashley Roberts.  The next day they had four Roberts on the floor, two more delivering, was that ever weird.  We didn't let Rowyn out of our site for fear they'd bring back the wrong baby.  There was only one boy, so that didn't help us any either.

 I think I took over 100 pictures the first day and kept
 about 60, these are some of my favorites.

We came home today, I'll update you later on the rest of our stay at the hospital.

Number six is another keeper.  She's very sweet.  I thank GOD for his hand in letting me be here for her birth.  Nine days late, but finally here and all is well.  God your so good, all the time.

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