Friday, September 17, 2010

Baby Update!


Rowyn isn't here yet, but today we got a glimpse of her.  Isn't she adorable?  We think so.

Audra was monitored for about 45 minutes and all is well.  The technician said the baby is doing beautifully.  She was very active and her heartbeats increased with movement.  Audra had two contractions while on the strip.

Audra also had an ultrasound to make sure she still has enough fluid and passed that with flying colors too.  She has plenty and the technician said to prepare for a flood if her water breaks at home.

Rowyn sucking on her fist.

It looks like she's going to have the Korte checks, the Gerber baby lips, and Rick's long eyelashes.
Tech also said she going to be a pretty good size baby.  Said she has a layer of fat on her arms.  No weight prediction because you have to measure the head and bones for that and today's appt. was to assess the fluid level.

Well walking hasn't brought on labor, although I'm sure it's helping.  Audra walks the dogs twice a day at least two miles each time.  Audra laughed at me for having shin splints.  I told her pay back was coming, I'm going to laugh at her while she's in labor.  JUST KIDDING!  We tried spicy Mexican, didn't work.  Today we tried Chinese, so far nothing.  Any more ideas?  If she makes it past the weekend, Audra has another appt. on Monday.  So I'll update you then if not before.

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Meghan said...

Mexican worked for me the first time, bummer. I am getting anxious.