Friday, May 28, 2010

I've been busy creating these....

Baby Shower invitations for Audra & Rowyn's shower.

Actually this is version two and there is a version three as well, as I keep running out of ribbon and can't find more of the same, so I have to keep switching.  They are all super cute.  I hope to mail them after the Holiday weekend.

If you think these are cute, just wait until you see the diaper cake with the bee theme.  It's going to be just awesome, diaper cakes are just so much fun to put together.

Here's the one I made Amanda - my first cake
Ava's Baby Shower

Meghan 's cake - for Sydney's Shower

Ashley's cake for Daniela's Shower

For the Neighbor's Grandson - My only boy cake.

In a couple weeks I'll have another cake photo to add to my stash.
I know the anticipation is killing you.

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