Monday, May 17, 2010

Melissa's Baby Shower

Yesterday was Melissa's Baby Shower.  Her due date is 7/13 and there are numerous birthdays she could hit:  7/6 is Ashley, 7/14 her Grandpa, 7/17 her Grandma, 7/19 her Mom's, 7/28 Ava, 7/30 Amanda, there are a couple more that elude me at the moment.

She received some very nice gifts and the shower went by very quickly.  Jon's parents bought them a glider to rock the baby in and a Pack n Play. 

Too soon it was time to get a picture together and say our Good-Byes.

Oh!  it's a boy and they are not agreeing on a name yet.  They want a name that starts with a C - have you heard any cute ones lately?  Leave me a comment.

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