Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All in the Family

From the east coast, to the west and out of U.S. my girls are spread, but we keep in touch.  Even so far apart we have many similarities going on in our lives.  Here's just a few.

1)  Two of my girls are pregnant - Amanda & Audra
2)  Due the same month - September  (Will they both be girls?)
3)  Two of us are remodeling bathrooms - Amanda & Us.
4)  Two of us are painting nurseries - Audra (did and will after the move) & Us.
5)  Two have been dealing with baby sleep issues - Meghan & Ashley
6)  Two of us are starting new raised bed gardens - Meghan & Us.
7)  Two of us will meet in Canada this month - Amanda & Us
8)  Two of us are moving - Audra & Ashley

I'm sure there are more, I just think slow first thing in the morning.  Leave a comment anyone if you can think of anthing I may have missed.

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