Sunday, May 2, 2010

Baby Girl No Longer

Remember when Audra had her ultrasound and they thought she was having a girl.

But there was still some doubt, so they didn't say for sure.

Well Audra had a second ultrasound and this time Rick was able to be present and guess what.........

It is a girl!    But "Baby Girl" no longer, because they've officially named her.  Rick's being deployed and they wanted her to have a name before he left.

This little girl, my 6th Grandchild has been named Rowyn Grace Roberts.  The middle name is one of four under consideration and could possibly change, but Rowyn is here to stay.

Gramie approves of the name and is looking forward to meeting her in September.  Grace was my grandmother's name, Rowyn would be her great-great granddaughter.

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