Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here HE is #7

Henry will be grandchild Number Seven if the last two are born in order of their due dates.

Amanda emailed me some ultrasound photos of him.  Here's little Henry.

There's very limited body fat at this age, so you can see the skeleton plainly.

It looks like he's sucking his thumb and hanging onto his little ear.
So cute.  He's probably going to be a blankey baby.

The best news is that if doesn't look like he has kidney issues like his sister Ava.  That's good news indeed.

We have another baby in the family that was born with some issues with the urinary tract systerm and even though he's only a week old, he'll be undergoing surgery tomorrow.  Pray for Baby Cameron in Florida, and his parents and Grandma Dawn.  It has to be so difficult to give your baby over to surgeons when they are so small and vunerable. 

God, be with the surgeons tomorrow, guide their hands and give them wisdom in making decisions regarding the health of this little one.  Give Dawn, Chad and Stephanie peace of mind and bless all those responsible for Cameron's care now and since his birth.  Thank you for being a God of healing and a God of love.  We pray that soon Cameron will be able to go home and assume a normal life of a healthy newborn.  Amen.

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