Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wedding/Visit Trip to CAN

The first glimpse of my grandchildren as they exit the wedding limo bus.  The suit was almost as cute as the boy and the flower girl......just wait til you see the close-ups.  Although you can't really tell by this picture there is a third grandchild (still in the oven) - Henry- we can't wait to meet you.


Somebody loves her Grandpa Korter (pronounces it Court - er).  And Gramie LaLa (yours truly) received a very special greeting from her Grandson as well, it just wasn't caught on film.


Derek and his mother, Barbara escorting Annette down the isle of St. Stanisluas Church.  The ceremony performed mostly in English seemed much shorter than Amanda & Derek's was in Polish.

Unfortunately the pictures inside the church didn't turn out as well as the ones outside. 

Ava & Alex performed their duties well.  Alex however didn't follow church ettiquette for the rest of the ceremony.  You know like, being quiet, no running across the stage during the ceremony, no playing musical chairs, stuff like that.  He was only three and the nephew of the groom.

Annette's dress & veil were beautiful.  She looked like a Barbie doll, from the hair to the skinny waist.

One more look at the boy in his suit. 

There are many more pictures of the wedding and reception, but I'll have to put those in another post.  It was a great 22 hours with my daughter and her family.  I'm glad Annette didn't mind getting married so we could arrange this visit with them. 

Ava & Michael made me promise to come visit them when Henry gets out.  That is their way of saying when he's born. Too funny, like he's in jail or something.  The Good Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll be there.

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