Friday, May 14, 2010

The Suprise is on Me!

Well on us .............all of us..................really.............even Amanda, because they did not find out what the baby is today. 

Amanda had her ultrasound, but they were to busy making sure the baby was okay to search for male or female parts.

You see, I received a phone call last night which stated their household had more drama.  I'm used to phone calls that start out that way.  Usually it's Mr. Michael or Miss Ava who are the culprits, but this time it was Amanda herself.  She was on a bar stool (NO she wasn't drinking) in the kids bedroom painting and she fell off.  She hit her head on the kids dresser and knocked herself out.  Besides the big egg, cut and bruise on her forehead, she also did a major skin job from knee to ankle on one leg and a major buise on her thigh.

The kids weren't much help neither one of them were interested in watching her until Derek came home from work, they both wanted to go back to their dusting chores. LOL They spent the rest of the night drawing her leg with the bone coming out and her head all bloody.  Kids are so sympathetic.

Anyway, the baby checked out okay and that is all that matters.  Well that and Amanda now has the weekend to rest up.  Today she is limping and sore all over, especially the head and wanting to lay low for awhile.

Her next ultrasound is the 19th, so we hope and pray that there is no more drama for awhile and on that day we will find out what this new little one will be.  Stay tuned!

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