Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spiritual Cheerleader Needed!

I was so uplifted, encouraged and enlightened with a new attitude at Joyce's Conference and have been trying to stay focused and moving forward since I've returned home.  Joyce said it would be hard when you leave the conference and you no longer have a spiritual cheerleader, so I'm advertising for one.

Spritual Cheerleader Needed!  Must have loads of common sence, lots of spunk, and a loud voice.

Actually I've been catching her TV programs, I've rewritten my notes from all four of her sessions I went to and I've ordered three of her books.  No, I'm not on a follow Joyce campaign, I'm following Christ, but I get Joyce... she makes sence to me.  When we were planning the trip, we needed a fourth person and asked a coworker, but she declined.  She said she didn't care for Joyce, because everything she said was just common sence and she already had that.  Well I don't, so I guess that's why what she teaches, clicks with me.

Here's a few little reminders from the conferece:

Know God and Your Inheritance:  Ephesians 1:18 & John 14:17
Proclaim out loud what you have in him - It is scientifically proven that you will believe more of what you say, than what others say.  Acknowledge everything that is yours in Christ. Philemon1:6

We have Joy & Peace - we need to start using it.

Make HOPE a habit

Verbalize your expectations and get into agreement with God.
Wait    Long for      Expectings
Samuel 26:11 & Psalm 27:13 & 14.

Think about God and NOT about your problems.

We can expect and believe in God for a healing mind set.
Don't think old -- Think strong and positve.  Our joy is connected to our health.

Commit to getting over being STUPID.
Repent for Stupid and Wait on the Lord.

Do your part - Get Stress out of your life.    Rest/Sleep/Get Stress Out.

What I've shared today is just part of two pages of my notes.  I'll leave you with this thought, Joyce repeated it many times at the Conference.  How did she know I needed to hear it over and over again?

If you do what you can do: God will do what you can not do.

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The Hauch Family said...

We ALL need a spritual cheeleader in our lives! It is a gift to have someone who can speak the truth in love to you and encourage you in throughout life. I know God know exactly what you need Doris and I have no doubt he will deliver in his time! I will be praying for his perfect will to be done. Sounds like he is giving you lots of great info through Joyce! I also love her books, she does have a great way of takeing spiritual truths and making them simple.