Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm a Great Aunt

Cameron Allen (or Alan, not sure) was born sometime after midnight so Happy Birth Day little one.  He is the son of Chad Messenger & Stephanie.  He weighed a little over eight pounds and is being transferred to a hospital in Jacksonville FL and will stay for approximately five days for testing and possibly surgery.  They've know for several months that he has some medical issues with the urinary system, but no definite information as to what exactly the problem is or how serious at this time.

Please keep them in your prayers as this little begins his life outside the womb.  Chad is a first time Daddy, and my sister Dawn is experiencing the joys and the worries of being a Grandma for the first time also.

IF I receive photos I'll post them, but I'm not very optomistic at this point in time.  Grandma's have been know to go out on the limb and do strange things when it comes to pictures of their grandkids.  Perhaps she'll bribe someone with a camera or the hospital may have pictures online of all the babies in the nursery.  We'll see.

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