Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday #7

I've recently been scanning photos and uploading them to Kodak.  All of my girls professional photos, was that ever a project.  It took me several weeks to scan them all  -   from newborn hospital photo to their senoir pictures.

While going through all the photos I found some I don't even remember being taken or having seen before.  Now that is very unusual.  These were taken with my first camera, which I don't remember what kind it was, but it took square photos with rounded corners.  The ones I scanned to show you taken in July of 1978 and it looks like the steps out the patio door at my house on Rhodes Road, but I could be mistaken.

Allen, Martha & Troy

The back of the pictures says "Troy is almost 3"
There's a big resemblance to Carson, don't you think?
And I can't believe how much Martha looks like Taryn, that's a first for me to see a remblance between the two ot them.

Here's Annie and  my brother Steave
holding Denise & Stephanie.
Stepahnie 3 1/2 & Denise 1 1/2

I wish my brother had his hat off, he may have had a full head of hair at the time.
Denise's kids are going to be adorable!

Bruce and I with Amanda.

Wasn't that fun.  I love to share pictures back when I was skinny, to bad the glasses are huge and I have the angel wing hair style.


Troy said...

I LOVE the Way Back Wednesday! Especially this one. LOL
Thanks for sharing!

Meghan said...

Hilarious! Dad was skinny!

The Hauch Family said...

Carson does look like Troy! This picture shows they have the same squint and dimmple! I can see Taryn and Martha looking alike from this photo!

Thanks for sharing the older pics they are great to see!