Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Way Back When"

More scanning of photos today.  It's faster now that I know a little bit more about what I'm doing, but it's still a process.  Some need to be cropped or made larger and some are faded and need adjusting.  Still others will need to go through Photoshop where I can repair them even more, because they have actual cracks or spotting on the pictures, but that process will have to wait til later.

This may become a weekly event, called "Way Back When - Wednesdays!"  Eventually I'd like to put these photographs on discs for family members who are interested or at least upload them to Kodak so others can access them.

Here's a photo of our Mom and us kids.  Left to right is Dawn (youngest), Dolores (Mother), Steaven (seond oldest sibling), Martha (oldest) & Doris (kid number three).  Dawn lives in Florida and must have been up to visit and we had a get-to-gether.  It's not dated, other than our goofy glasses and the short-shorts.  My guess is that it was taken about 18 years ago.

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James said...

Hi Dorsey,

Can you tell me more about this photo? I am researching the Hose name Worldwide and I don't know how to contact you direct.

I can be contacted at


James Hose (England)