Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Side Tracked Again!

Do you get side tracked?  I started making myself a sweater and I've finished the back and started one side and then I got pulled away by a fun idea for something for the grand kids.  Do something for the grandkids - do something for myself.  Yah! I got side tracked.   I was looking for some ideas on how to use greeting cards that I've saved over the years, mostly Christmas cards.  I found a neat idea on how to make a bowl out of greeting cards and the edges were all crocheted to hold it together.  Well that gave me an idea. 

When my kids were little I made a Christmas memory game out of old Christmas cards.  I just traced the cards and cut out similiar objects.  Like I had two Christmas trees, two presents, two teddy bears, two snowmen.  You get the idea.  My kids favorite one to find the match for was the ones of baby Jesus laying in the manager.  I may make a set of those for the grandkids too someday, but right now this is what I'm up to. 

Here it is:  The First "Let's talk about it Book"
This one is "Let's talk about Christmas!"
Soon to be follow by Easter & whatever holidays I have enough cards of to be able to make enough pages to make a book.

My husband quickly pointed out that there are no words in this book.  That's okay, because I'm not going to read it, we are going to talk about it.

It works like this:
What color hats do the snowmen have?
Which snowman has the most birdy friends?
Which snowman has the longest nose?

Can you count the trees in each picture?
Can you point to the steeple?
What do you do in a church?

I just hate the thought of throwing out cards that people paid $3.00 - $5.00 for, some of them are so darn cute.  Who doesn't love a reindeer?  Especially Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer!

And the real reason for the season.  Jesus was born to become our Savoir. 
Who was at his birth?
What's his Mom & Dad's name?
Can you sing Away in a Manger?

And of course, since I made this book with Sydney in mind.  I decided I'd better make one for her brother too.  It's smaller, but just as cute.  Here's what it looks like before it's put together.

The penguin is the cover and these are some of the pages.  I'm sure Sydney will want to "Talk About It"  a million times before Griffin is big enough to, but that's fine with me. 

I'll have to put in a request at work for old greeting cards that other people have hung onto, but really don't have any idea how to put them to use.  Looks like I could be in the book making business.  It was fun to make and it will be even more fun to share them with my grandchildren.

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Meghan said...

very cool, she will love it, she enjoys talking about anything and everything. she takes after me in that department. ha ha