Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WBW #25 Those were the Days

Way back when I first met G.T. and started doing respite care for him.
I found him so adorable, though few others may not have thought so themselves..
He was to big for a pacifier by neuro-typical kid standards,
but it kept him from chewing up his shirts and blanket.

I took this picture of him hiding behind my back.
Lost in his own world.
A quiet moment with no bouncing, no nonsense jabbering,
no hands moving in front of his face.

Just playing in the gravel on the playground.
A picture perfect moment.
True, it was, but mass chaos ensued shortly
there after when diarrhea escaped from
his diaper and I had to persuade him to go
to the car.
At one point he threw himself to the ground
and I stumbled over him and fell too.
A Dad and his kids witnessed the whole scene.
I laughed out loud.
What's the alternative?

Honestly, I really miss those days.

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