Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take Off My Shackles So I Can Dance!

There was a time in my life when this was my theme song.
I felt so shackled.
So bound down with my circumstances
 and unable to dance like I longed to.
You lifted my load and now
I'm asking you to do this for others.

 I have friends and family; (those I love dearly),
that are in the valley and feel shackled.

Please God lift their loads and bless them so they
too can dance & praise you.

I will not name them,
but this song is dedicated to these friends:

One who is losing her home...
One is who suffering a grave medical condition..
One who has lost a fellow comrade....

Lord please take their shackles off, so they can dance.
We just want to praise YOU!


Meghan said...

this is one of our favorites- both the kids dance in the car!

Michelle said...

LOVE this song Aunt Doris. It has been a favorite for years! Love that we serve a MIGHTY God who allows us to dance no matter what is going on in life.