Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's all about the Hair

When Ashley was just toddling around like Daniela is now I took a 2 night course in hair braiding through the community college.  It was fun and it was well worth the money I spent.  For a couple years I braided Amanda & Meghan's hair, until the younger girls had enough to braid  and then there were four heads to work on.  Now it's Daniela's turn.  Sydney is less fond of having her fixed than my girls were, but she has let me a handful of times fix her hair in braids when I've visited.

Anyway, what can you do with their hair when they are so small? Ashley doesn't want her to have bangs, so it's constantly in her eyes, unless she has a headband, or barrettes or some type of pony tail in it.

Well Saturday, I put her in the highchair and gave her some Gerber Fruit Snacks she received from her Grandpa for Valentine's Day and persuaded her to let me fix her hair.  It turned out just adorable.

This particular braid I did is very easy, it's
called a rope braid.

And so I didn't get put on probation for giving
my granddaughter something sticky and not
brushing her teeth, we did it right away.

And I took pictures to prove it.
She has beautiful teeth and we want to keep it that way.

She's a ham.  She can smile and get her
picture taken and brush her teeth all at the same time.
She's very talented that way.

Daniela's top two bicuspids have broken through,
and apparently this is the best way
to get those top ones that are hard to reach.

Here's a  fun link I've located that will help you fix your girl's hair
if you are interested in giving it a try.

And here's a couple of the hairdo's I've gotten Sydney to sit still for.

This was taken after we'd spent a few hours at the pool, so
a good bit had come loose, but still looks very cute on her.

A french braid this time.
She looks so darn cute with her hair braided,
I wish she'd let me do it more often.

Happy hair-fixin everybody!

Oh!  My record for braiding hair is ten heads in a row.
One year at a girl scout camping weekend, I started
braiding Audra's hair, and then it was Ashley G. and
then Nicole, Jessica, Emily, Brianna, Megan, and ......
You get the picture.  My hands started cramping up
after a while.  But boy those girls looked sharp.

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