Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way Back When #23 Just a Friend!

 When Audra would come home from school
and talk about Rick it was all good stuff.

She said things like:

He's always making me laugh.
He tells me I'm beautiful.
He makes me feel good about myself.
He's fun to be with.

Hey! I said, sounds like he could be husband material.

He's like a brother.

But when he asked her to the prom and she
didn't have a date she said "Yes".

I went over to Rick's house to take their prom picture,
because ours was always in a state
of a perpetual remodel.

They looked great together, didn't they?
Young, they looked very young too.

After Rick went in the Army and came home
on leave, they went on a group date bowling
and then to a basketball game.

The next thing we knew they were a couple.

After they were married  for three years,
they became a family.

And this little cutie became my sixth grandchild.

She's so very precious, and loved by
oh sooooo many people.

All because Way Back When they went to the Prom.

Rick you have two beautiful girls to come home to,
you're one blessed guy.

And they are lucky to have you.
Don't forget to make them laugh and tell
them they're beautiful.

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Meghan said...

Rick reminds me of Kevin- cute