Friday, February 11, 2011

My New Necklace

For my upcoming birthday I bought myself a new necklace.  I tried to copy a picture of it, but gave up and provided a link instead..  So here's my Through the Lens necklace.  And since I truly love it and figured I'll be wearing it fairly often I had to go out a buy some sterling silver hoops to go with it.  Thank you, Meijer Thrifty Acres (why pay more?) for having a 70% off sale on your sterling silver jewelry in my time of need. The hoops were $49.00 and I just had to pay $15.00, can't beat that.
Instead of initials on the two round discs I had an X put on one and an O on the other one.  I wanted seven discs with each of my grand kids initials on them, but it couldn't be done, so instead the XXXXOOOOO symbolizes hugs and kisses to my grandchildren, who are my favorite subjects to photograph.

Maybe on Sunday while I'm dressed up for church I'll try to get some pictures of me in my new finery that are decent enough to post.  We can all hope, anyway.

Ashley bought the Key to my Heart necklace on this page, it's near the bottom of the page.  Miguel's name is on the key and Daniela's on the disc.  She loves her new jewlery too.  So Lisa Leonard, you have two new happy customers.  Meghan won their $50 gift certificate in the giveaway and purchased a new necklace, she's a repeat customer.  I think she chose the my treasure necklace.

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