Thursday, February 10, 2011

Unconventional Gifts

If I'm not careful I'm going to make a reputation for myself for giving unconventional gifts.

When my oldest daughter, Amanda was engaged to be married I gave her a bicycle at her bridal shower given to her by her fiance's side of the family.  No China or silverware pattern, a bike.  Her hubby-to-be had a bike and so to be able to ride together she needed one.  When I gave them a bridal shower, I passed up the linens, the appliances and all other typical gifts and I bought him a backpack.  Amanda loved to hike and so for them to be able to go backpacking together, he needed one.  You know what they say don't you? A family that plays together, stays together.

Well when my grandson, Henry was born they either had what they needed from his prior two siblings or were given it at a shower, so he didn't really need anything.  Except maybe this...............

His very own Pelican sled with a windshield to keep out the snow and wind.

You see they live in Maine and the bus stop for the kids is
around 300 yards from the house.

Their drive is a curvy trail through the pine trees.

You can't leave a baby in the house alone and you
can't send little ones out to stand by a very busy highway without supervision.

The answer!
This super-duper baby sled.
Little Henry stays warm and snug in his cool ride.

As you can see they've received more
than their fair share of snow this winter. 
Several more storms have gone through since this picture was taken.
According to Amanda they've paid more for snow removal this
year already than they did for the total winter last year.

Unconventional - Yes! 
 But the whole family loves Henry's sled.
And hopefully he'll still fit in it next year.

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