Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweater Renewal

This past week I received a new book in the mail.

Felting Knits into new Sweaters and Accessories
by Sharon Franco Rothschild

I was inspired to give felting a try.
So I read the first couple chapters on which fibers are feltable.
I searched my closet and resale boxes and came
up empty handed.
Well almost empty handed.
I do have one sweater I paid over $100 for that
I intend to make a pillow out of, but I don't want
to start with that project...I want to practice
with something less expensive and
that has less emotional attachment to it.
I bought this moose sweater right after my daughter
 landed a job as an Audiologist in Maine.
My hubby shrunk it a year or so ago,
but I'm not ready to part with it.
I thought it would make a nice pillow
or his and her matching Christmas stockings.
What do you think?

So I took a trip to our local Salvation Army
looking for some wool sweaters to start my
experimentation with felting.
I thought it would be easy to locate wool sweaters, but
found out it wasn't easy at all. 
I did find three, but they were around $5.00 each
and the colors clashed with each other, so I left
empty handed. 
I intend to go back when they are willing to practically
give them away... soon I hope.

**Note to family and friends.
If you have any wool sweaters you are
throwing out or see some at garage sale for $1.00 or $2.00
pick them up for me.

Feltable fibers - must be 85% (or above) wool, cashmere,
 alpaca, lamb's wool or angora.
Anything less may not work.

Any size ---kids, adult man or women's sweaters.
Any colors, solids or patterns.

In the meantime, I'll keep reading and dreaming of future projects.

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