Saturday, February 5, 2011

Editing Criteria

I'm just finishing up on the Photographing Children & Babies book.

Shooting tons of photos is a must and it's one thing I'm good at. 
I almost never take just one or even a few photos.
That's why I have too many photos on my computer,
in my files, on my photo cards and my flash stick or whatever you call it.

Editing has always been hard for me.
Sure I can delete the blurry ones, or the
pictures that are obviously bad, but after that it get tough.
The rejects are easy to get rid of, they are usually deleted
straight from my camera to make room for more pictures.

The next level gets more difficult. 
These are the C Level photos,
those that are technically okay, but have no punch.
They are boring.

The B Level pictures are good pictures,
but they are not framing quality.

The A Level are the first selects,
the best technical & aesthetic quality
AND they have emotional impact.

I'm going to strive to use better editing skills, so the pictures
that I keep my best work and it's not diluted by a
bunch of ho-hum, so-so pictures.

So here I go.

Why? The wire

Why?  The tongue thing

Why?  No Punch

Why?  Hand in picture

Why?  Boring

Why?  I kept a similar one

So these are the ones I deleted and so painstakingly
tried to arrange them so they didn't take ups so much room in the post.
(Read that...spent way to much time...tore half my hair out!!!)

Here's a couple of the keepers.

Do you agree with my Editing?  

Just thrilled to have a lady bug toy


Cute expesssion - Like she's getting ready to give you her opinion

Playing is serious business

Nice close up - Profile
That's it.  I frustrated myself enough for one day, trying to position pictures that just don't want to cooperate.
How did I do?  You may not completely agree with my choices, but just to let you know I did let Ashley copy the ones she wanted to before I deleted in case she like different ones than I did.

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