Thursday, February 24, 2011

Packing my Book Bag

How should I pack my book bag?

Is there more than one way, you ask?


One trip to North Carolina I packed four books to read
and I chose four semi-skinny books, so I could read two going
and two coming home.  Worked like a charm.

When I recently babysat for a friend (an all day job),
I took two books and thought I'd probably over packed.
Several chapters into the first one I realized it wasn't getting any better.
The second one was a complete dud.
I was so bummed, I had so looked forward
to some great reading time.

In the past I've looked up who's waiting for books I have
listed on and took those to read on
another vacation, so when I returned I could trade them in.
That's another way to go.

Or do I choose two off my autism shelf, and two off
my good fiction shelf and two photography books?

It's hard to make up my mind.
And is it any wonder considering.......
I just scanned my bookshelves and I have about 60 books waiting to be read.

Any advice?

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