Monday, February 7, 2011

Pink and Not Suprised...

I beg ask my daughters' to send pictures of my grand babies,
the six that live very far away.

These are some of the best that Audra has ever sent.

Could that be a raspberry?

My personal favorite!

Rowyn is 4 months old now.

Now for the Bad News/Good News Situation.
The bad news is.... it's been a whole month since their Christmas visit.
The good news is .... in less than a month I'll be with them in New Mexico
for almost 2 weeks.

Here are the same pictures cropped a little closer.
Closer is better, but there is always some loss in
clarity.  It's better to take them closer to begin with.

A month or so after my visit her Daddy should
be coming home from his tour of duty.
I bet he's counting the weeks, days, and hours.
As hard as it is for me, the Gramie
to be far away.
It's has to be ten times harder
for a parent.

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