Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yesterday's News! A Must Read Folks

Yesterday three of my girls checked in and each call I could tell there was something urgent about it.

The phone ran at 7:30 am.  Never a good sign at our house.  As the kids were growing up it was a definite NO-NO to have anyone call our house in the morning, because their Papa worked nights and was sleeping.  (It never failed someone would call our house on a snow day and wake him up.) So when the phone rang that early I immediately knew something was up.  It was Amanda and luckily it was good news, news I'd been waiting to hear...she'd been overwhelmed with trying to deal with Michael's school situation, but called to say that she was ready to continue the fight.  In light of recent developments, she decided not only for Michael sake, but it's just wrong what the school is doing and she is going to pursue this issue whatever it takes to get results she's satisfied with.  Please read my last post and it will explain further what's going on.

Next while getting my hair cut two calls came in from my daughter Meghan.  One call I would have waited until I reached home to return, but two calls.....well I waited until I was on the straight road home and didn't have to make any turns and called her back.  The conversation started like this.  "Mom, I think we are going to need your services".  I thought..." how soon do I need to get on a plane?"  But it turned out not to be that urgent.  Sydney once again has strep throat and because of how many times she's had it this year, she's going to an ENT to see about getting her tonsils out.  Day Care policy is when they get their tonsils out, they can't come back for two weeks.  Yes, Gramie would love to come help, just let her know when she's needed.

Then while we were eating dinner my phone went off, it was a text message.  I found my phone and was downloading the message and our house phone rang.  Oh! this can't be good, I'm thinking.  As I'm saying "Hello" and waiting for the person to answer, I see that the text is a photo............

And then the photo pops up as Audra says "Hello, Mom"

And it looks alot like this one!

Below the picture it said "Ready for #6?"

 I'm in shock.....but I'll recover.  My baby, having a baby?  She's my youngest.  I keep reminding myself, she's older than I was when I had my first one and she's been married longer.  I was 19 1/2 and married just 18 months when Amanda came into the world. Audra will be close to turning 23 when this one arrives and will be married three years in June.  Congrats Audra & Rick!

Today I learned that being an older Mom can still be an emotional rollercoaster.

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Katie said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! Hope all works out the best for Michael. You just have to keep fighting for what you believe in.