Monday, January 4, 2010

Getting a Face Lift!

Sometime in January I will be taking Niki up on her offer below. She is the person that put together my blog header when I created this blog. Now it's time for a face lift. If you need one too, take Niki up on her offer. Support Blogs for a Cause and have some fun for yourself; it's a win - win situation.

And this is for YOU people. Everyone that reads others blogs and haven't started one of your own. It's not that hard, people...If I can do it so can you. EVERYONE has something to say, come on email Niki and get started, it all goes for a good cause.

My email from Niki. I'm sure she won't mind me sharing it with everyone.

Merry Christmas to everyone from Blogs for a Cause! I would like to extend a warm thank you for your support to BFAC in the past. I am writing this from the Dominican Republic where I am staying for 2 weeks (, working with children from the slums of Puerto Plata. In the past year I have worked in the DR, Haiti, and Ethiopia. I am currently fundraising to move to Puerto Plata in May 2010, as soon as I finish University. While I am looking for donors to enable me to do this, my most successful fundraiser so far has been Blogs for a Cause, so for that, I thank each and every one of you who have supported me in the past! Not to mention the several thousand dollars we have raised for charities around the world J

As an expression of my gratitude, I am offering all past customers a $5 off coupon that can be used anytime in January. I already charge a reduced fee of $25 for 2nd time customers, so this will bring the cost down to $20 for you. Please let me know if you have any questions, and a Merry Christmas to everyone!

Nikki Cochrane

If you are interested in supporting my work in other ways, please send me an email and check out my fundraising letter, attached! I am looking for donors to help support me during the time I will be living in the Dominican (I am aiming to live there for at least a year) and am also always looking for donations for the programs I work with, and supplies to bring down with me (such as gently used kids clothes, shoes, school supplies, medicines, vitamins, sports equipment, books, and crafts). If anyone is interested in coming to Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic to vacation and see some of the amazing work being done in the slums, please contact me and I can help to plan your trip! Even if it is just one day ‘in the field’, it will be a day that won’t be forgotten!


To read about my work in the DR and Haiti
To read about my work in Ethiopia

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