Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gollum Fingers and Burro's Tail

I can hear you all now.  "What on Earth is she bloggin about now!"  It sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings or a Shrek movie.  But, if that's your guess your wrong.

I went to home Depot last week.  "What's that got to do with it?", you say.  Well just hold on for a minute I'm going to tell you.  I wanted to buy a plant, so I went looking to see what they had that my non-green houseplant thumb could grow.  Succulents are pretty safe with me, so I picked out two new ones.  The plants weren't marked as to the type they were, so I had to do some research.  I guessed one to be a Burro's Tail and it was.  The other one I affectionately named the Teletubby Plant, but it turned out to be Spoon Jade or Gollum Fingers.

Did anyone guess what the post would be about from the title?  Leave me a comment.

Sedum Morganianum - Burro's Tail

Crassula Portulacea - Spoon Jade or Gollum Fingers

I like the "Teletubby Plant" name better, it has friendlier feel to it.

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