Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve. What can I say. I know I'm going backwards again, but sometimes you need to go backwards to go forwards. Here's some shots I took on Christmas Eve. My daughter and her husband went to Bronner's after Christmas and I teased them about having already been on Christmas Eve, because that's how decorated Pat and Mike's house is -- it's like a mini Bronner's.

I wish I would have counted how many trees they had up. There's the huge one and a few more big ones, decorated in themes, and smaller ones everywhere. Guess how many were in the bathroom? They were even up on a ledge in the bedroom. Oh, by the way there were three in the bathroom too, two that lit up and one that didn't.

Anyone into old decorations. Do you remember these? The bubble lighter thingies. I remember them being on my trees when I was a little girl growing up. I bet that gives away my age.....

How about these red orbit ornaments that spin? I don't remember those, perhaps they are further back? Or perhaps, they were just to expensive for my folks (we were raised more on the poor side of average). I didn't get a shot of the old fashioned spinners, but they are way cool and I plan to get some of those myself. The heat of the Christmas lights makes them spin, no electricity or extension cord needed. I love it.

More random shots of......what else Christmas trees. How many can you count in each picture?

Jealous anyone? I have one tree and even though I'm competitive by nature, I'll just enjoy their trees and be happy. A visit to Bronner's; either the mini one or the original in Frankenmuth, Michigan will give me a burst of Christmas extravaganza if I need it.

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